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Knwon issues and limitations

These are some of the known issues and limitations of the module. Also check the TODO file for any issues that did not make their way into this document. And of course, if you feel the urge to actually implement something on my TODO list feel free to submit a unified diff patch to the following email address : .

  • This module has been build using Apache 2.0.48. I have had people test it on 2.0.47 and 2.1 CVS HEAD.. But I have not officially tested it on 2.1 yet. When an official release of 2.1 is out, then I will test and modify my module for this branch of Apache.

  • Transferred files do NOT currently go through apache filters and bucket brigades.. When I figure them out, I will support that feature.. (dynamic FTP content..)

  • I have not load tested this at all.. So I do not know how well it will stand up to stress testing. Can some people run dkftpbench on this thing?

  • The code has not been thoroughly tested for security related issues.. However, the code is relatively simple, and all ACL checks go through one function, which passes everything to Apache. The source is also available and can be audited by anyone who wishes to.

  • I do not support the ABOR command, currently, nor do I check for the Telnet command sequences.. Can someone give me an example client that uses these?

  • There is code in there for unfinished features, just ignore it.. It will be either finished or removed in future releases.

  • There are no timeouts of any sort currently.. I am trying to find a portable way of doing it, however the apr_poll functions seem to be of no use as I can not get access to the connection socket.

  • content providers SHOULD check FTP_PLUGIN_VERSION and if it is not the same bailout and refuse to compile as the API is going to be different.

  • I need to write documentation on the provider interface. However, the header file mod_ftpd.h is quite self documented.