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About OutOfOrder.cc

OutOfOrder.cc offers commercial services for Custom PHP, Apache Modules, and Module porting. Also many of the Open Source projects that we have worked on are maintained and available here.

Supporting OutOfOrder.cc

We aren't starving programers (yet!), but if you found something on our site useful, we won't resist a kickback. (Who can refuse free stuff?) While we are available as consultants, or contractors for support, this doesn't fit many situations. Without further stalling, we have Amazon Wish Lists: Don't get the impression that you need to buy anything; just a word of thanks in our contact form is cool.

Key Personnel

Edward Rudd

Edward's Picture Edward Rudd started programming on an old TRS-80 Model 100 computer, but has since programmed in well over a dozen languages on a half dozen platforms. He started programming Apache modules about 2 years ago, but only started heavily getting involved in Apache development since the end of 2003 when he released his mod_ftpd protocol module and a few months later took over maintenance of mod_log_sql. He also is involved in and contributes to several Open Source projects including Apache, Evolution and Horde.

Paul Querna

Paul's Picture Paul Querna is currently a member of the Apache HTTPD Project Management Committee(PMC). He started working on Apache modules when he wrote a Custom Authentication module for the MMO Uru: Ages Beyond Myst. Currently Paul is the Lead Engineer at BitStruct, LLC, where he works on developing Voice over IP Server and Management Software.