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mod_transform is a filter module that allows Apache 2.0 to do dynamic XSL Transformations on either static XML documents, or XML documents generated from another Apache module or CGI program.

This module originated from mod_xml_gnome_xslt by Web├×ing.


This Website! - This entire website is built around XML Datafiles transformed by XSLT to produce standards compliant XHTML 1.1.



Apache HTTPd>=2.0.40

Change Log

Version 0.6.0: 10/18/2004
0.6.0 is a major feature release. Changes in this version include:
  • Relative Paths can now be used from XInclude and XSLT. PR #2.
  • New Directive: TransformAnnounce
  • New Directive: TransformOptions
  • ApacheFS: All file access by libXML2 can now be overlayed onto the Apache Document Root. This provides compatibility with how Apache AxKit operates.
  • EXSLT is now enabled.
  • Mac OS X: Fix build and make install.
  • General code cleanup and organization.
Version 0.4.1: 06/22/2004

Minor bug release that fixes issues where certain proxies that use http/1.0 do not send the send the entire content to the client.

More info

Version 0.4.0: 05/29/2004

Initial Release


Version 0.6.0 is the latest version available Repositories

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists for mod_transform. The first is the generic announcement mailing list which provides announcements for all software releases on, but can be filtered by choosing topics in the mailing list options page. The second is the user mailing list specific to mod_transform only. Release announcements will be cross posted to both lists.

Note: E-mails come from the domain for all mailing lists. If your e-mail gateway has a challenge/response systems configured, you will need to add an exemption for this domain in order to subscribe.

Contact & Help

E-Mail us, about mod_transform.

Send an e-mail to the mod_transform mailing list.

Bugs should be reported to the Bug Tracker.

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