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ApacheCon 2005 US

MO01: What's new in httpd 2.2

Day: Monday
Time: 10:30
Slides: PDF

ApacheCon 2005 Europe

DE1225: What's new in httpd 2.2

Day: Thursday
Time: 14h30
Slides: PDF

DE1312: Developing Applications with APR

Day: Thursday
Time: 17h00
Slides: PDF

ApacheCon 2004

TU19: Using XSL and mod_transform in Apache Applications

This presentation examines using mod_transform to provide an XSLT and XInclude output filter in Apache 2. mod_transform uses LibXSLT and LibXML2 to provide the fastest XSLT services possible. Using mod_transform with static XML and XSL files will be covered. Invoking mod_transform from another module or directly from mod_php will also be explored. The flexibility provided by mod_transform allows you to easily write applications as native apache modules, and the presentation layer in high level XSL.

WE20: Mass Virtual Hosting with Apache 2.0

This presentation explores using Apache 2.0 in a mass virtual hosting environment. Several options will be shown, including a static httpd.conf, mod_vhost_alias, mod_rewrite, and mod_vhost_dbi. For each option the Security Implications, Suexec configuration, PHP safety, Scalability, Bandwidth shaping, and Logging/Statistics will be considered. The new mod_vhost_dbi module will be further analyzed, providing a complete introduction on using it for scalable mass virtual hosting with Apache 2.0.