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mod_ftpd is a protocol module that allows Apache 2.0 to accept FTP connections. This allows the FTP component to take advantage of Apache's authentication system, filters and module support to easily extend the FTP server.



Apache HTTPd>=2.0.40

Change Log

Version 0.14:

This release adds support for overriding the PASV returned IP address with a fixed value. This is useful when running mod_ftpd behind a firewall that does not support mangling the FTP traffic.

Version 0.13.1:

This release adds a fix so IPV4 passive transfers will work correctly on systems with IPV6 and IPV4 enabled. Also compile errors about a missing mod_status.h when compiling with old apache release has been resolved.

Version 0.13.0:

Version 0.13.0 had updated autoconf apache detection scripts that better handle a wider variety of apache installs. There are netware compiliation fixes. The per-dir FtpAllowOverwrite directive actually works now, please read the documentation on it's usage. This release moves the license to the ASL 2.0.

There are two new files in the distribution, build.bat and winconfig.h. These are used to compile mod_ftpd under MSVC in win32. Copy the winconfig.h to config.h and edit the build.bat script to point to the directories where you have various libraries installed on your win32 system.


The win32 support is unsupported at the moment. Right now it compiles, allows users to login, but it does not allow downloads of files. Anyone with good debugging skills with win32 and MSVC who would like to track down the issue, it would be appreciated.

Version 0.12.0:

Version 0.12.0 has changed names from mod_ftp to mod_ftpd. Update your configuration files accordingly. Also read through the documentation as several of the configuration directives have changed names



Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists for mod_ftpd. The first is the generic announcement mailing list which provides announcements for all software releases on, but can be filtered by choosing topics in the mailing list options page. The second is the user mailing list specific to mod_ftpd only. Release announcements will be cross posted to both lists.

Note: E-mails come from the domain for all mailing lists. If your e-mail gateway has a challenge/response systems configured, you will need to add an exemption for this domain in order to subscribe.

Contact & Help

E-Mail me, Edward Rudd, about mod_ftpd.

Send an e-mail to the mod_ftpd mailing list.

Bugs should be reported to the Bug Tracker.

OSI Certified