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mod_quota is a simple quota module for 2.x which tracks a users download byte count to a DBM database. It allows per-user quota configuration via hookable modules to query settings from a database. Currently a APR DBD and a MySQL module are provided. These configurations are then cached into the DBM database for fast-access. There is also a command line tool that can be used to query and manipulate the DBM database.


Apache HTTPd>=2.0.40

Change Log

Version 0.2.0:

This is the first public release and should work with Apache HTTPD version 2.0 or higher. Tested on 2.0, 2.2.


Version 0.2.0 is the latest version available Repositories

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists for mod_quota. The first is the generic announcement mailing list which provides announcements for all software releases on OutOfOrder.cc, but can be filtered by choosing topics in the mailing list options page. The second is the user mailing list for generic module support at OutOfOrder.cc. Release announcements will be cross posted to both lists.

Note: E-mails come from the lists.outoforder.cc domain for all mailing lists. If your e-mail gateway has a challenge/response systems configured, you will need to add an exemption for this domain in order to subscribe.

Contact & Help

E-Mail me, Edward Rudd, about mod_quota.

Send an e-mail to the mod_quota mailing list.

Bugs should be reported to the OutOfOrder.cc Bug Tracker.

OSI Certified