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mod_authn_dbi provides Authentication against an SQL database back-end. It uses the application-independent abstraction layer provided by libdbi. Database drivers for libdbi are provided by the libdbi-drivers, project. At the moment, drivers are provided for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and mSQL.

Please see the 2.1 Authentication Project for more information on this module.



Apache HTTPd>=2.1.0


Downloads are provided by SourceForge

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists for mod_authn_dbi. The first is the generic announcement mailing list which provides announcements for all software releases on, but can be filtered by choosing topics in the mailing list options page. The second is the user mailing list. Release announcements will be cross posted to both lists.

Note: E-mails come from the domain for all mailing lists. If your e-mail gateway has a challenge/response systems configured, you will need to add an exemption for this domain in order to subscribe.

Contact & Help

E-Mail us, about mod_authn_dbi.

Send an e-mail to the mod_authn_dbi mailing list.

Bugs should be reported to the Bug Tracker.

OSI Certified