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Using the same database for production and test

Although sub-optimal, it is not uncommon to use the same back-end database for the "production" webservers as well as the "test" webservers (budgetary constraints, rack-space limits, etc.). Furthermore, an administrator in this situation may be unable to use LogSQLRemhostIgnore to exclude requests from the test servers -- perhaps the generated entries are genuinely useful for analytical or QA purposes, but their value after analysis is minimal.

It is wasteful and potentially confusing to permit this internal test data to clutter the database, and a solution to the problem is the proper use of the LogSQLMachineID directive. Assume a scenario where the production webservers have IDs like "web01," "web02," and so on -- and the test webservers have IDs like "test01," "test02," etc. Because entries in the log database are distinguished by their source machine, an administrator may purge unneeded test data from the access log as follows:

DELETE FROM access_log WHERE machine_id like 'test%';